Palanga Life Balance SPA Hotel
Nuotrauka N. Tukaj

10. Palanga Life Balance SPA Hotel



Architect: Donatas Rakauskas, "Luxury“ corps 2003, "Design“ corps 2011


“Palanga Life Balance SPA Hotel” is one of the most luxurious recreational facilities in Palanga. The first building “Luxury” was built in 2003, then, after the decision to expand, a new building “Design” was built on the other side of Vydūnas Avenue in 2011. The complex is set in a natural environment among pine trees, in a protected heritage area. The curved shapes of the two buildings, the color scheme of the facades is close to nature, and the choice of materials reflects durability and quality. Compositional architectural means have been used to blend the relatively large site into the surrounding natural environment without overpowering it. Much attention has also been paid to the landscaping of the exterior. The preservation of the Soviet-era mushroom-shaped utility building on the site adds to the playfulness and character of the development.

A key feature of the interior space in “Design” block is the ability to move through the floors at a 5-degree angle, which offers the visitor a unique experience. The interiors of both buildings incorporate luxurious finishes and original design fixtures, furniture, and handrails, all of which are tailored to the unique structure of the interior spaces, while the changing landscape, visible through large windows, becomes a living element of the space. “Design” and “Luxury” blocks offer different experiences for the guest – the new block is characterized by its modernity and distinctive solutions, while the old one has an air of coziness and elegance.



Birutės ave 60

Visiting time

2021 September 11 10:00–20:00
2021 September 12 10:00–18:00

Tours begin every 60 minutes and last 45 minutes. Last tour on Saturday starts at 7:00 PM,, on Sunday – at 5:00 PM.
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No in-advance registration is required. Access to the buildings will be managed by forming queues.