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15. Boutique Hotel "Smilčių Vilos"



Architects: „Arches" - Edgaras Neniškis, Rolandas Liola, Arūnas Liola, Vaida Sasnauskaitė, Liudvika Rūsna Vaineikytė, 2009


The guest house “Smilčių Vilos” was built in 2009 in the unique western part of Palanga, designed by Arches Architects.

The building, which is located slightly further away from the main tourist gathering spots, is characterized by a retrospective style of volume, which is not often seen in contemporary Lithuanian architecture.

“Smilčių Vilos” is a compound comprised of four buildings facing the street. The volumes are connected by a glass and metal corridor with a broken configuration and have different shapes. The facades of the buildings are covered with materials of different textures and colours, which are typical of the Lithuanian seaside region (wood, cement scales, rusty metal, clinker).

The modern and elegantly furnished apartments and suites of “Smilčių Vilos” are decorated with wooden furniture and paintings by the famous Lithuanian artist Rytis Jurgelis.

The architects of the building were awarded a special diploma for this building at the architectural exhibition ” A Look into Myself 2008-2009″.



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2021 September 11 10:00–20:00
2021 September 12 10:00–18:00

Tours begin every 30 minutes and last 45 minutes. Last tour on Saturday starts at 7:00 PM, on Sunday – at 5:00 PM.
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