Poilsio namai „Kankorėžis“
Nuotrauka N. Tukaj

1. Holiday home "Kankorėžis"



Architect: Andrius Skiezgelas, 2017


Holiday home “Kankorėžis” was constructed back in 2017 on the southern part of Palanga, next to the Seaside Regional Park. In order to achieve unlimited creative freedom and full control over the construction, the architect of the building took on the role of a designer as well as that of a client and developer. His aim was to create a building where the connection with nature remains undisturbed. The building incorporated a lot of glass to make one feel as close to nature as possible.

After assessing the natural and the urban context, it was decided that a transparent, translucent, single-storey holiday home consisting of 4 blocks of flats would be created. While normally the exterior of the building is visible to the public and the inner courtyard is private, here the reverse is true: all of the entrances to the apartments are from the inner courtyard, and the apartments are situated facing away from each other. This leaves only a small corridor between the neighbours, with the apartments’ kitchens facing the inner courtyard with its preserved pine tree.

The dwelling is an example of contemporary architecture where minimalist shapes contrast the natural surroundings and simultaneously oppose the chaos of suburban architecture in the vicinity.



Kankorėžių 17, (Nemirseta)

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2021 September 11 12:00–18:00
2021 September 12 12:00–18:00

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