5. Villa, V. Krėvės St. 4



Architect: unknown, circa 1928; reconstruction architects: "Vilprojektas" - Audrius Navidauskas; interior architects: "DNA studio" - Andrius Ciparis, Antanas Navidauskas, 2022.


A stylish wooden interwar villa on V. Krėvės Street dates back to the time when Druskininkai was part of Poland, which left behind a particularly valuable heritage of spa architecture. During this period, the country’s high society loved to spend their summers here, and this villa, as well as others, was often the venue where concerts, theatre shows and dance evenings took place. The villa is estimated to have been built around 1928. Although the building was neglected from 1997 until 2016, today it has been reconstructed according to the project by architect Audrius Navidauskas. The most valuable elements of the building have been preserved and restored, and there are plans to open a hotel where holidaymakers can once again experience the joys of the resort.



V. Krėvės st. 4

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