Nuotr. Norbert Tukaj

12. Naujasis Pušynas Apartments / fmr. Wing 2 of Sūrutis Health Resort



Architects: Aušra and Romualdas Šilinskas, 1982.


Designed by engineers and architects Aušra and Romualdas Šilinskas, the second bedroom block of the late Soviet modernist health resort Sūrutis stands out for its organic forms and sculptural shapes. It is reminiscent of the former Druskininkai physiotherapy health resort designed by the duo and better known nowadays as the water park AQUA. Using the method of lifting monolithic reinforced concrete slabs, the rotunda plan of the building was constructed from top to bottom, thus creating expressive, mannerist forms of the building, which, according to the architect, resemble a pinecone that fell right in the heart of Druskininkai. The architecture of the former health resort, which is currently being reconstructed, opens up at the very top like a ring, where the semicircular roof eaves “crown” the entire composition of the building.



Taikos st. 13

Visiting time

2023 September 9 10:00–19:00
2023 September 10 10:00–17:00

Tours begin every 30 minutes and last 45 minutes. Last tour on Saturday starts at 7:00 pm., on Sunday – at 5:00 pm.

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