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7. Hotel Europa Royale Druskininkai / fmr. Old Health Resort



Architect: Vaclovas Michnevičius, 1896; reconstruction architect: "Pažangios architektūrinės mintys" - Gintautas Pamerneckis, 2004-2007.


In the Druskininkai health resort park, in the very heart of the beginnings of spa life traditions in Lithuania, surrounded by ancient trees and cosily embraced by the old Nemunas River, proudly stands the city’s oldest example of brick architecture and cultural heritage – the Europa Royale Druskininkai Hotel. When the 150-bed medical centre of the Tsarist Russia period opened in 1896, it was the largest brick health resort not only in Druskininkai, but also in all of Europe. This building is one of the first works of the engineer and architect Vaclovas Michnevičius. Until 1970, the building was used for massages, therapeutic orthopaedic gymnastics, and the guests enjoyed mud, electric, carbonic acid, sun, and air baths. Between 2004 and 2007, the medical treatment building was renovated and converted into a hotel. Over the central entrance, a glass roof was designed; an extension was built to facilitate a restaurant, opening panoramic views of the river, and restoring the architectural integrity, style and luxury of the old health resort.



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2023 September 9 10:00–19:00
2023 September 10 10:00–17:00

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