Nuotr. Norbert Tukaj

2. Guest House Trikampis Miško Namelis / fmr. Ice Cream Parlour



Architect: Vytautas Petkevičius, 1979; reconstruction architect: Andrius Skiezgelas, 2020.


Next to the former Druskininkai railway station stands an ice cream parlour with an area of just 49 m², better known today as the Triangular Forest House. The wooden kiosk, with triangular facades on all four sides, was designed in 1979 by architect Vytautas Petkevičius. In 1991 it was privatised and turned into a music shop – a music lovers’ paradise selling original cassettes and records. The premises stood empty for almost two decades after a major theft, until the owner’s grown-up daughter decided to revive the former kiosk building. Since 2014, it has hosted children’s summer camps during high season, and in 2020, after being reconstructed according to the project of architect Andrius Skiezgelas, the forest house was converted into a residential space, forming a minimalist, open-plan interior space and retaining two of the triangular facades.



Gardino st. 3b

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