Nuotrauka N. Tukaj

1. Nature school of Panevėžys / former villa of attorney Česlovas Petraškevičius



Architect: unknown, early 30s


The villa of Česlovas Petraškevičius is located near the road to Pasvalys and Biržai, about 3–4 kilometres from Panevežys city centre of. Petraškevičius, who was an attorney, bought a plot of land in the 20s and, by 1925, the project of the house was already complete. However, the building was finished only in the early 30s. Other utility buildings were constructed later.

The villa is a valuable example of wooden architecture. It is perhaps the only two-story wooden villa in Lithuania with an attic and a tower. Since Petraškevičius‘ family only lived here during summer, the object was built with recreational needs in mind. The house has several balconies, a terrace and a porch, located in front of the main entrance all of which were also used for recreation.

However, Petraškevičius‘ family was not able to enjoy their villa for long. During the Soviet occupation, the house was nationalized and in the 60s, a centre for amateur field biologists was established here. Later, it became nature school of Panevėžys and continues to operate in the premises today.



Smėlynės str. 171

How to get there

Nearest bus stop – Smėlynės g.

Visiting time

2020 September 12 10:00–19:00
2020 September 13 12:00–16:00

Tours begin every 30 minutes and last 45 minutes. Last tour on Saturday starts at 6:30 PM, on Sunday – at 3:30 PM.
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