Kultūros centras Panevėžio bendruomenių rūmai
Nuotrauka N. Tukaj

6. Cultural Center “Palace of Communities of Panevėžys”



Architect: Henrikas Antanas Balčiūnas, 1987


Palace of Communities of Panevėžys, designed in 1977 by Henrikas Antanas Balčiūnas, opened up only in 1987 and quickly became the centre of arts and culture in the city. While the building’s volume is massive, it is further divided into smaller parts, stair-like shapes; stylized rustication is also employed. Due to these elements, the aesthetics of the structure are related to the late modernist style. On the inside, there are three halls which can be used for various events. The Great Hall was dedicated to theatre performances, concerts, shows and various annual festivals. Other events can take place in the Small and Discotheque halls, which have separate entrances, so various events can be held simultaneously. The windows of the Great Hall foyer are adorned with stained glass created by G. L. Baginskienė and others, and on the outside, there are mirror glass showcases made in East Germany. We invite you to visit the cultural heart of Panevėžys – Palaces of Communities; to step through the late modern entrance and to see the architectural features of this 33-year-old building in a new light.



Kranto str. 28

How to get there

Nearest bus stops – Topolių alėja, J. Balčikonio gimnazija

Visiting time

2020 September 12 10:00–17:00
2020 September 13 10:00–17:00

Tours begin every 30 minutes and last 45 minutes. Last tour on Saturday and on Sunday starts at 4:15 PM.
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No in-advance registration is required. Access to the buildings will be managed by forming queues.